focusing closely on comfort to achieve more user-friendly environments

We supply steel materials that are even more pliant than wood along with a broad range
of other materials and fabricated products in pursuit of greater user comfort and peace of
mind. As an active member of the construction industry, one of the most fundamental
industries to our everyday lives, we remain firmly focused on the creation of built
environments designed with consideration for users and made to be comfortable
and pleasant.

[ Steel Bars ]
Round bars, deformed bars
[ Thick/Medium Steel Plates ]
Thick plates, medium-thickness plates, checkered plates
[ Thin Steel Sheets ]
Hot-rolled sheets, cold-rolled sheets
[ Special Steel Plates/Sheets ]
High-tensile plates; zinc-coated (surface-treated) plates; colored, corrugated, galvanized sheet metal
[ Shaped Steel ]
H-beams, angles, I-beams, thin shaped steel, welded H-beams, flat bars
[ Lightweight Shaped Steel ]
Steel channels (C-beams), lightweight shaped steel, keystone plates, deck plates
[ Rails ]
Light rails, standard rails, special rails, fishplates
[ Steel Wire ]
Ordinary wire, annealed wire, bar in coil, bar mesh
[ Fabricated Materials ]
Materials for shearing, pressing, can-making and other processes
[ Other Construction Materials and Products ]
[ Construction Division Projects ]
Everything from basic planning to design, construction and management for general building construction, apartment complex construction, remodeling work and more