Civil Engineering

Pursuing more prosperous lives rooted in harmony with nature

Civil engineering and related construction encompasses bridges, roads, ports and more,
all of which have close ties to our daily lives. With a focus on harmony between people,
cities and nature, we aim to promote more enriched, prosperous lives through the
provision of civil engineering materials and fabricated products

[ Foundation and Port Materials ]
Steel sheet piles, lightweight steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, steel pipe sheet piles, tie rods, H-type piles, H-beams for earth retention, steel sheets for soft soil
[ Temporary Structure Materials ]
Steel-pipe scaffolding, road mats, steel pipe batas, steel forms, temporary walls/barriers
[ Road Construction Materials ]
Guardrails, guard pipes, guard ropes, rock-fall protection fences, guard fences, prefabricated sidewalks / pedestrian paths, liner plates, corrugated pipes, gratings, welded wire mesh, corrugated flumes, tie bars, chairs, cylindrical forms
[ Dam and Tunnel Materials ]
Dam forms, H-shaped supports, steel segments, waterstops, tie rod bolts, spiral ducts, lock bolts, corrugated aggregate bins, corrugated water tanks, box frames
[ Tunnel-building Equipment ]
Center forms, sliding forms
[ Cement/Concrete ]
Ready-mixed concrete, concrete piles
[ Other Civil Engineering Materials/Products ]