Shipbuilding and Marine Transport

high-quality materials

We supply only products that have passed rigorous tests and examinations for fields that demand high safety performance.
In addition, we constantly gather information on leading-edge materials and fabricated products while endeavoring to obtain such items as quickly as possible in order to address the ever-changing needs of the shipbuilding and marine transport industries.

[ Complete equipment for new ship launching ]
[ All docking equipment ]
[ General Ship Articles ]
Consumables, parts for shipboard machinery, paint, rigging, charts
[ Shipbuilding steel ]
[ Steel Castings ]
Propeller bosses, rudder horns, bellmouths
[ Forgings ]
Rudder stocks, pintles and nuts
[ Can Manufacturing Plants ]
Stern frames, rudder axles
[ Auxiliary Machinery ]
Deck machinery, pumps and other equipment
[ Crew Quarters ]
Interior fittings, doors, wood or steel furniture,galley equipment and furnishings, shower units
[ Dedicated Piping ]
Cargo oil heating tubes, heating coils
[ Piping System Controllers ]
Walve remote operation systems,draft gauges
[ Piping ]
CO2 fire extinguishers, fire detecting systems, high expansion foam fire extinguishers
[ Coatings ]
Marine Coatings, electrolytic protective Coatings
[ Exterior Fittings ]
Hatch covers, anchors, anchor chains, hawsers, wire rope, emergency towing system, lifeboats, liferafts, equipment
[ Main Engines and Generators ]
Diesel engines
[ Boilers ]
Main boilers, auxiliary boilers, automatic combustion controllers
[ Shafting and Thrusters ]
Intermediate shafts, propeller shafts, propellers
[ Auxiliary Machinery ]
Pumps, heat exchangers, compressors, oil purifiers
[ Power Supply ]
Generators, emergency generators, switchboards
[ Electrical Power ]
Electric motors, starters
[ Lighting ]
Light fixtures, navigation lights
[ Communication, Navigation, and Radiotelephony Equipment ]
Communication devices, Navigation devices, and Radiotelephony devices
[ Automatic and Remote Control ]
Measuring devices, monitoring panels, main engine remote control systems
[ Wiring ]
Wiring and Accessories
[ Valves, Cocks, Flanges, Pipe Joints, Fittings ]
Cast iron valves,cast or forged steel valves, brass valves, butterfly valves, cargo oil valves, flanges of all types
[ Instruments ]
Thermometers, level gauges
[ Other Shipbuilding Materials / Products ]