In July 1998, we changed our company name from Kanae Shoji Co., Ltd. to Kanax Corporation with an eye toward greater growth into the future.

From our founding in 1987 to this very day, we have always remained thankful for the kind support of all our customers, clients and users, which has made possible our steady progress over the years. As a trading company, we started out with a primary focus on shipbuilding materials but later expanded to steel materials and fabricated products for construction, civil engineering and other applications. Today, we handle a highly diverse range of products.

We consider it our mission to procure even higher-quality products and materials at even lower costs whenever possible for the sake of our customers, and toward these ends our employees continually gather information on the latest technologies while coming together as a unified team in pursuit of steady, unflagging progress. Moving forward as one, we will dedicate ourselves to building a corporate history for the 21st century that will live up to the Kanax name.


Our goal is to quickly procure required products and deliver them with impeccable timing, all for the sake of the customer and with consideration for their viewpoint--our purpose as a company, after all, is to make our users happy. Moving forward, we will continue making full use of business networks cultivated through years of experience and success as we strive to further please our customers.


Our true assets as a company are the networks we have built up in various fields and the human resources who support these networks. We will continue to leverage the free-and-open, highly adaptable corporate culture we have cultivated at Kanax while building and expanding networks in new fields as part of efforts to address diverse customer needs.

as a company, we propase new approaches in a wide range of fields.

Our Vision

As a company, we strive to preserve the global environment while utilizing all of our strengths to create new value and contribute to local regions and society, all as part of efforts to enrich the lives of our employees.

Management Policy
  • The Kanax Corporation shall establish a flexible, adaptable management framework enabling reliable response to environmental changes as well as changes brought about by the times.
  • The Kanax Corporation shall break into a wide range of fields, serve as a shining beacon of leadership therein, and act as a thoroughly unshakeable and reliable presence.
  • The Kanax Corporation shall foster human resources who actively challenge themselves and foster careful discernment as part of efforts to cultivate an enjoyable workplace of which employees can be proud.
Action Guidelines

we think and act according to the following Three Ss.