Business Fields

Shipbuilding and Marine Transport

Supporting safe marine transport through provision of carefully selected, high-quality materials

We supply only products that have passed rigorous tests and examinations for fields that demand high safety performance. In addition, we constantly gather information on leading-edge materials and fabricated products while endeavoring to obtain such items as quickly as possible in order to address the ever-changing needs of the shipbuilding and marine transport industries.

shipbuilding and marine transport

Civil Engineering

Pursuing more prosperous lives rooted in harmony with nature

Civil engineering and related construction encompasses bridges, roads, ports and more, all of which have close ties to our daily lives. With a focus on harmony between people, cities and nature, we aim to promote more enriched, prosperous lives through the provision of civil engineering materials and fabricated products.

civil engineering


Focusing closely on comfort to achieve more user-friendly built environments

We supply steel materials that are even more pliant than wood along with a broad range of other materials and fabricated products in pursuit of greater user comfort and peace of mind. As an active member of the construction industry, one of the most fundamental industries to our everyday lives, we remain firmly focused on the creation of built environments designed with consideration for users and made to be comfortable and pleasant.