Corporate Mission

as a company, we strive to preserve the global enviroment while utilizing all of our strengths to create new value and contribute to local regions and society.

Management Policy

  • establith a flexible
  • thoroughly unshakeable
  • actively challenge

about kanax

Each letter in the "Kanax" name represents an aspect of our corporate approach. By viewing each of these letters as separate parts of a greater whole and assembling them accordingly, a more comprehensive picture of our organization begins to appear. The following describes what we strive to be in the 21st century--our ideal form as a company.

  • Determination (ketsui) and passion
    The letter K symbolizes the mutual, collaborative ties (kyocho) we have with friendly shipbuilding companies Shin Kurushima Dockyard Co, Ltd., Shin Kurushima Toyohashi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Shin Kochi Juko Co., Ltd. It also represents our determination (ketsui) to make full use of our abilities in the pursuit of new development and growth. Finally. this "K" symbolizes our passionate efforts to move forward together with the customer. At Kanax, we strive to contribute to the realization of a forward-looking society while serving as an organization that makes customers' dreams come true.
  • A = Assembly
    Kanax provides shipbuilding materials to create vessels, construction materials for buildings and bridges, and civil engineering materials for road construction and the like. Although we do not carry out the actual assembly work using these materials, we strive to accumulate knowledge and experience to meet diversifying needs so that we can be useful in each of these industries. This starts with the acquisition, analysis and amassment of information in a wide range of areas, and toward this end we remain on the lookout for useful information and constantly refine our ability to discern on multiple levels.
  • N = Navigator
    In addition to offering high-quality materials and products at minimal costs, we endeavor to be a company that provides useful advice, proposals and more in response to individual needs and applications--in other words, we hope to transform ourselves from an organization that supplies physical goods in demand, into a company that can respond to all customer needs, transcending the bounds of mere materials and products. Just like the navigator on a ship, we are expected to possess the ability to constantly think one step ahead and make quick, appropriate decisions as necessary. To achieve this, we will continue to hone our skills in order to better serve users.
  • A = Active
    No matter one's goals, an active approach--the ability to take action when necessary--is vital to success. However, action with nothing to back it up has little meaning, which is why one must also consider the behind-the-scenes aspects of being active. This means gathering information and carefully scrutinizing and reflecting on its contents before proceeding with the more action-oriented stages of "active"--the actual carrying out of plans and goals. By pursuing a good balance between these two, we believe it is possible to achieve more meaningful action.
  • Pursuing the unknown "X" for the 21st century
    We chose X, the symbol of an unknown quantity, to represent three things. The first is the X of inter-organizational ties with members of and manufacturers in the shipbuilding, civil engineering and construction industries: our goal is to forge stronger links with these organizations in order to achieve mutual growth and development. The second is the X of fusion, meaning that we hope to bring together people with other people, people with nature, old things and new things, and so forth. When creating new things through such fusions, it is important to remain flexible. Finally, the third X is the X of new possibilities. When these three X concepts are brought together, the Kanax vision for the 21st century begins to materialize. We have, in fact, already set off on our pursuit of the unknown X.